My happy place is being on the road, in the wild and wandering the streets of charming historical cities. I love eating my lunch on top of a mountain, bouldering and rock climbing, kayaking in vast lakes, going on road trips, planning travels centered around food, reading about the history before visiting a new city and trying new things as I travel across this beautiful world with my husband.

My husband Dhruv and I were born in India and moved to United States for our masters together. Living in US gave us an opportunity to soak in the grandeur of nature and explore many places that we had not even heard of. After living in US for four years, we moved to Europe 2 years ago and are loving our travel adventures around the old world.

My husband often says that the world is like a buffet and trying to do it all while you travel could lead to superficial experiences. We love to take our time exploring places we travel to and are okay skipping a few “musts” to enjoy the rest. Travelmoreorless is a source for travel planning to help you pick from the vast buffet of experiences which will make your travels rich and meaningful. In each blog post, I’ll be writing about our favorite places and activities that made our trips memorable.

Happy globetrotting!






One thought on “travelmoreorless

  1. Yachna, great blog! I have been seeing your travel diaries on FB and it’s great you are putting them down here, for us folks! 😉

    I’m in London for next 2-3 years, If you’re around. Do ping me!


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